Montessori House Phuket International School

Montessori House Phuket International School (以下簡稱MHPI)位於泰國普吉島,是一個適於兒童年齡三~十二歲的蒙特梭利私立學校。學校座落於美麗的普吉島拉威海灘,我們擁有特別的教育理念,以英語教學的國際認證學校。 適合在尋找”以兒童為中心”學校的家長們。在MHPI,我們致力於教育兒童的身體,心靈,和學術各方面發展, 以及促進快樂的學習和建立人生成功的基礎。
在我們溫馨和自然的環境中, 孩子們受益於豐富的學習環境鮮明的蒙特梭利課程設計。 結合泰國文化與大自然世界, 同時著重於引導孩子們對全球共識的認知。在MHPI, 我們培養孩子的智力發展, 認知與學習尊重, 並且鼓勵孩子擁有獨特的個性與潛力。

Montessori Training

Toddler Program

Short Stay Montessori Experience

  • Experience Tropical Phuket while your child learns at an established Montessori school.
  • Special short stay programs for families including Accommodation.
  • Available throughout the year
  • School Fees and accommodation paid on a Pro Rata basis according to season.
  • Please contact the school for further details

We have requests from abroad for schooling children for limited periods. We have special programs to accommodate such children, including summer courses. We provide accommodation for the family and provide short term schooling for your children based on the Montessori philosophy.


Montessori House International Language courses

What? We provide intensive English Immersion, which can be tailored to individual or group needs. We are particularly focused on young learners but can also provide tuition to teenagers and above. We are able to combine Language tuition with academic work up to IGCE qualifications.
Who? Our target audience is people who need to improve their language skill rapidly over a short period of time and can attend on a daily basis. We can provide accommodation for students who need to stay away from home to attend the classes. Language courses can be combined with academic tuition for those who need it.
Why? The needs of young people in our modern world are changing rapidly. With modern communications they need to access information through the English medium. Also young people often need to relocate for studies or employment.
How? and When?
We provide language tuition with or without tuition for young people who need a more tailored approach to their education.The classes will take place during normal international school calendar.